The Giant 117m²

The Giant 117m² Screen is another formation of the Black Pearl or Black Diamond. 13 meters wide and 9 meters high of pure Quality. Experience the deep contrast and high resolution of this efficient Giant: Buildup time between 60 and 90 minutes by only one technical operator!

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117sqm demo screen


Element Spec
Screen size: 13 meter x 9 meter
Pixelpitch: P4.8 - HDL4
Total Pixels: 2704 x 1872 = 5.061.888 pixels
Wind Handling Capacity: 7 Beaufort
Weather Handling Capacity: Rainproof
Buildup time: 60 minutes
Turning Range: 360° (even while broadcasting)
Quality Certificate: TÜV approved
Brightness: > 3.800 cd/m²

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