Mobile Stage

The Mobile Stage

Yes! You’re still at the HD Ledshine website. In addition to LED screens, HD Ledshine also offers a mobile stage! This stage can be equipped with a LED screen that hangs inside up to 30m², but we can also place mobile screens next to the stage! Are you also looking for light and sound? Or maybe even live camera recording? Please let us know and together with our partners we can offer you an all-in-one quote.

  • 61m² Surface
  • Buildup time: 30-60 minutes
  • Built-in  Power Generator 55KVA
  • Stage floor bottom: 1,30m to 1,45m
  • Stage ceiling top: 5,70m

The Mobile Stage


The Mobile Stage. A 61m² stage built within 30 to 60 minutes with a built-in Power Generator of 55KVA. Optionally equipped with a big LED screen, Sound equipment, Light equipment or Live Camera Recording.
The perfect solution for concerts, gatherings, festivals and other outdoor events.


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