The Black Diamond: HD Ledshine strikes again

7 mars 2019

After ‘The Black Pearl’, now ‘The Black Diamond’: the second copy of the world’s largest mobile LED screen has been officially announced by HD Ledshine. In 2018 there was only one 144m² mobile screen, in 2019 there will be two. “We have been saying it for a long time, mobile screens are the future and we continue to invest in innovation”.

HD Ledshine is doing it again. In 2018, the company developed no less than 7 mobile LED screens, one of which became the world record holder of its kind: the largest mobile screen in the world, measuring no less than 144m², 16 metres by 9 metres, assembled within the hour and on top of that 4K image resolution. In April 2019, the second copy will be presented at the Prolight + Sound trade fair, and that once again attracts a lot of interest: “There is a lot of interest from abroad, but there is also a market within Belgium,” says Max Verbruggen, Project Manager at HD Ledshine.

‘The Black Pearl’ and ‘The Black Diamond’ are equipped with built-in control, hydraulics and power distribution. These ‘giant screens’ weigh no less than 33.5 tons each and are fully hydraulically unfolded to a 4K screen by just one operator within an hour. 144m² top resolution with a total height of 13 metres. “It’s another technological gem!” – let the team know with pride.

Both screens will be completely identical: “Together with our other screens, they will therefore form one whole in terms of design. Something that is one of our priorities. The only difference is actually in the direction. This time it will be on the other side so that both screens can easily be supplied by a tractor next to a stage and can also be picked up again immediately after the event. The control operator will also stay on the backstage side in this way.

The company has been seeing potential in the mobile LED market for some time now. CEO Tony Winter explains why: “The reason is simple: very short assembly and disassembly times, less crew and cost, flexibility, better design as far as I’m concerned and of course maintaining perfect image quality. So no separate structure is needed, very efficient, plug ‘n play – that’s it!

More information about the launch of ‘The Black Diamond’ will follow very soon. For questions or information, contact HD Ledshine – screens for outdoor cinema events, sports events, festivals, concerts and other occasions: or via [email protected] or via +32 53/645414.

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