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Outdoor Cinema

A warm summer evening, cocktails, BBQ & a great movie in the sunshine! It’s possible! Are you thinking about organizing an outdoor cinema? Or maybe a drive-in cinema? Keep the next 3 things in mind:

1. Rent your screen

The most important element of course! A great movie asks for great image quality! Most of the outdoor cinema events are being organized during summer. The days are longer and we’re able to enjoy the evening sun. If you choose to rent a beamer, this will be your biggest obstacle. Unlike LED screens, the image in projection is not the light source in itself, so the images are enormously dependent on ambient light. So you’re limited to the hours when it is dark enough to see the image. With LED screens this is no problem at all. Also during the day, in full sunlight you can organize a drive-in theatre of outdoor cinema event! Always ask for the resolution to make a good comparison!

If you’re choosing a mobile LED screen, then you don't even have to consider building a structure to which a canvas or a modular screen has to be attached!

2. The movies

Don’t forget to check the royalties and broadcasting rights of the movies you’d like to show! It’s always recommended to check with the national authority responsible for these rights to discuss which steps you should take before organizing your event!

3. Advertising and information

You can also use your rented screen before and after the actual movies! Think about possible sponsors who’d like to increase their visibility by showing their logo or advertisement! You can even use the screen to transfer important information to the visitors about food & drinks, programs and more. The screensupplier will help you to integrete this content correctly before and after the movies!

Do you need a quotation? Contact: info@hdledshine.com / +32 53 64 54 14

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