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Find the right led screen rental solution for your booth!

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a qualitative led screen will draw positive attention to your brand

Brand promotions

Stand out and get noticed! Led solutions for your brand

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HDLedshine can deliver customized led screens for every event

Special events

Out of the box ideas or projects? Find your led solution here!

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Mobile led screens for a soccer event, mobile led screen, rental

Sport events

Looking to upgrade your sport event, find your led screen solution here!

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Modular led screen, festival, the future is led, rental

Concerts & Festivals

Complete your festival or concert with the perfect led solution, find your best fit here!

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Corporate event, multiple led screens, modular led screen

Corporate events

Be innovative with our latest led screen solutions, find them here!

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Mobile led screens, the future, 1 hour build-up time, big events

Mobile led solutions

Efficient high quality led screens with only 1 hour build-up time.

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Modular led screens, amazing customized event

Modular led solutions

Customized led screens with the quality and setup of your choice.

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What we stand for

Founded in 2012 as a division of the Globe Show Center Group, HD Ledshine delivers the highest quality Led Screens customized to your demands. We are eager to work on customized solutions for every event. Our mission is to make your brand or event shine even more and to deliver a flawless service through every step. Your demands are our priority.

We are proud to present:

World's biggest mobile led screens

created by HD Ledshine

2 x 144sqm - 2 x 4K resolution


Why choose LED screens

LED screens have a wide application area with endless possibilities. There can be lots of reasons to implement a led screen on a certain event or location, but according to your goal there are so many options to choose from. That’s where we come in, to help you make that important choice. There are mainly two wide categories in which LED screens are implemented. The first significant category, LED screens are a necessary innovation for all types of events. Not only to optimize the visitor’s experience, but also to create an innovative and dynamic vibe. Whether it’s a sport event, music event, exhibition, summer event or private event – there will always be a solution. The second category contains mostly fixed installations where companies are looking to increase visibility or to create a dynamic and informative channel towards passers-by.

But how do you choose the right product for your specific application? Just ask us! We are more than happy to assist you in making that choice. In general, there can be made a distinction between two types of Led screen structures. First there are the mobile led screens: very efficient systems with a short buildup time and great flexibility. These are our favorites when it comes to events, as they are efficient in every way. Secondly there are the modular led screens, which are built up according to the specific elements of the event or location – hanging in a stage or from a truss- or build on a structure or maybe even stacked from the ground. There are lots of options here, that’s why the buildup takes longer and requires a bigger crew. The main advantage is that everything is customizable.

Okay.. But then why choose HD Ledshine?

Whether you choose for mobile screens or modular screens, for a bigger pixel pitch or a very small pixel pitch, HD Ledshine will always adhere to the main company values.

hdledshine partner

We are proud to announce HD Ledshine is now the official partner & distributor of Magnimage in Europe.

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