HD Ledshine enriches The Weeknd experience at King Baudouin Stadium with impressive LED Walls

13 July 2023

HD Ledshine provides LED walls at the King Baudouin Stadium for The Weeknd’s performance to complement the standard set-up. Thanks to PRG.

The King Baudouin Stadium, a well-known venue in Belgium for large-scale events, was preparing to hit a milestone with The Weeknd’s highly anticipated performance. HD Ledshine was excited to add an extra dose of visual splendour to this already impressive evening of entertainment.

Working with PRG, a significant event technology company, we used our expertise and high-quality LED walls to take The Weeknd show to new heights. We are proud to announce that we provided two huge LED walls of 144m² each to complement the existing set-up. The flexibility of our mobile screens once again proved its worth here.

It was a real pleasure to be part of this extraordinary event and contribute to the unforgettable experience of thousands of fans who came together to enjoy the musical magic of The Weeknd. At HD Ledshine, we always strive to push boundaries and create extraordinary moments, and this collaboration with PRG and the King Baudouin Stadium was no exception.

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