Pope’s visit to Romania chooses HD Ledshine

11 June 2019
Screens Pope Visit Romania HD Ledshine

For the visit of Pope Francis to Romania that took place last week, Belgian LED screens were used. Hundreds of thousands of believers attended the Papal Mass in Transylvania and followed everything up close on the screens of HD Ledshine, which were transported from Belgium to Romania especially for the occasion.

“It was a challenging job!” explains project director Max Verbruggen. “The six large screens had to be placed on a hill with slopes of up to 40%. What’s more, there are normally no roads here and this place is only easily accessible on foot. But we don’t shy away from a challenge.

In order to get the mobile screen trailers safely onto the site, provisional tracks were laid using large industrial machines and paved with stone and road plates. Something that was certainly not superfluous, given that the largest screen weighs as much as 40 tonnes in combination with a tractor. “Even with all the precautions taken, unforeseen circumstances must always be taken into account. It had rained heavily in the previous days and that created an additional obstacle, but in the end everything reached its position safely and the event was a success”.

A total of 300m² of LED was distributed over the crowd, each time installed on efficient trailer systems. The Romanian company appointed for the technical organisation of the Pope’s visit saw HD Ledshine’s screens for the first time at a trade fair in Frankfurt earlier this year and was immediately interested. “We had installed both copies of the world’s largest mobile screen side by side there. That means 288m² by 2 men in a time span of two hours. Something we can be proud of!” – Tony Winter.

HD Ledshine has a lot of international events planned for this summer. Mid June, the entire fleet of mobile screens will be spread over Paris and Dortmund. In July there will be another big movie night at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, followed by Formula 1 in Germany. HD Ledshine will also be on show nationally at all kinds of events.

Interested? More information can be found on or via and +32 53/64.54.14.

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