HD*LedShine provides you with the largest screen in Belgium for the European Football Championship.

12 May 2016

The broadcast of the European Football Championship in France on big screen invariably attracts many people who like to experience the successes of our Red Devils together. It goes without saying that everyone wants beautifully sharp images on as big a screen as possible. And this is perfectly possible thanks to the large, super-high quality LED screens from HD*LedShine, the specialist in the field. You shouldn’t wait too long, it’s NOW or NEVER.

The attacks in Brussels cast doubt on many event organisers as to whether they would allow their activities to take place. In the meantime, things have calmed down somewhat and normal life is returning to normal. Many are thinking of broadcasting the European Football Championship on big screen. However, it really is NOW or NEVER to set up these events, because the large LED screens are flying out the door.

So if you are still looking for high-quality material to broadcast the European Football Championship, knock on the door of specialist HDLedShine as soon as possible. The largest screen in Belgium or screens adapted to the location of the event: everyone can now (still) go to HDLedShine. They still have screens from 30m² – 40m² – 60m² – etc. as long as stocks last. … up to even 220m², all in HD P6 or P8.

Do not hesitate any longer and contact

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