Juan Carlos congratulates HD*LEDSHINE on Jerez Grand Prix

12 May 2015

During the recent Jerez Grand Prix on May 3, 2015, the former king of Spain Juan Carlos paid an unexpected visit to the LED screen installations on the central part of the Jerez de la Frontera F-1 circuit.

The Belgian HD*LEDSHINE was given the responsibility to install the High Definition LED screens. These screens were each 60 m² in P8.

It was a pleasant surprise for HD*LEDSHINE when they received congratulations from Juan Carlos for the High Definition LED screens.

“He came to visit our facilities unannounced and had an extensive conversation with the technical team,” says Tony Winter.

“Elenco Spain, which had engaged HDLEDSHINE and was represented by Juan Thomas, was able to convey the positive reactions of Juan Carlos to the entire team in scents and colours. The event was really a ‘last minute’ assignment, both for Elenco Spain and HDLEDSHINE, but together we were able to respond flexibly and professionally to the wishes of the client and the resources made available. The result was astonishing, naturally to the great satisfaction of all parties involved”.

And the positive reactions are not without consequence! We have already opted for a new collaboration for the installation of a 220 m² HD-Screen in Barcelona. The assignment speaks of a complete ‘self-supporting’ screen in P8 of 20 m wide x 11 m high. HD*LEDSHINE will use their specially designed lift systems to bring a screen of such gigantic dimensions to the right place and height without any problems. What’s more, this arrangement ensures that the screen can continue to function … even in very bad weather conditions.

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