HDL4 – 4.8

The HDL4 – P4.8 LED tiles are the perfect LED tile at the moment for every outdoor event. High brightness combined with deep colors and high contrast! Combine both tile sizes to create the screen size you want. These tiles can be used with any structure: Truss, Layher, Stage, customized,… Contact us to discuss your project and let’s see if the P4.8 LED tiles are the best fit!

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led screen music events - led scherm voor muziekevenement


Element Spec
Tile sizes available: 500 x 500 mm or 500 x 1000 mm
Weight per tile: 8 kg or 13,5 kg
Total Pixels per tile: 104 x 104 pixels or 104 x 208 pixels
Structure options: Hanging (truss, layher, stage, ...)
Quality Certificate: TÜV/CE approved
Brightness: > 4.300 cd/m²
Use: Outdoor (or indoor)
Weather Handling Capacity: Rainproof

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