HD Ledshine amazes the visitors of Prolight + Sound 2019

25th april 2019

288m² led screen

Earlier this month, the yearly well-known exhibition Prolight + Sound took place in Frankfurt. HD Ledshine took the opportunity to launch their second identical trailer of ‘World’s largest mobile screen’ and left the visitors perplexed by building the two screens next to each other, with only a few millimeters in between. This gave the illusion that it was one enormous screen of 288m².

Whoever visited Prolight + Sound 2018, couldn’t have missed it. The Black Pearl, a mobile LED screen of 144sqm, 16 meters wide and 9 meters high, with a total construction height of 13 meters and a screen reaching 4 K resolution was shining at the outdoor area of the exhibition. Barely one year after this spectacular launch, HD Ledshine presents a second identical screen ‘The Black Diamond’ side by side with ‘The Black Pearl’ at the exact same location.

288 sqm of high-quality LED screen, 32 meters wide and 9 meters high – good for 2 times 4K resolution! “Most people are already amazed by the quality, the structure and the impressive hydraulic system” – says Julie De Schrijver, Project Manager of the company. But the most astonishing part is the buildup time: Both screens are built completely hydraulically and thus they only require a maximum of 2 technicians. Because of the efficient hydraulic system, the build-up time is limited to only 1 hour. This movie shows the buildup process: Youtube video link “The market of LED screens is growing at a fast pace and it will keep on growing at a progressive rate. It’s necessary to differentiate yourself as a company, and we chose efficiency and quality as our core values. ”

“Next to efficiency, we will always focus on high quality. We consciously chose for a higher resolution and thus a small pixel pitch. At this point 4K content is still very scarce, but this might change in the very near future and with our screens we are prepared for it.” – says Julie. “Thanks to the high resolution, visitors can stand close to the enormous surface and they will still see the tiniest details.”

The screens were designed in a way that they can be built up next to a stage, or next to each other – while the fully integrated controlling unit and all the hardware are always at the back. The pulling vehicles will always be able to detach the screen and drive away.

With this new product, HD Ledshine has again expanded their stock of mobile LED screens, next to their modular LED stock. Are you interested in these two Pearls? Or are you looking for smaller mobile trailers? Contact: or call +32 (0)53 64 54 14

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